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Ranchi Veterinary College is having different instructional livestock farms managed by Department of livestock production & Management. This includes Poultry, varietal Birds, Rabbit, Goat, Pig and dairy farms.
Poultry farm
In poultry farm three lines are maintained viz. Desi (Native), Dahlem Red
and PB2. There is one ICAR- AICRP on poultry breeding project and the centre has developed a dual type variety for backyard poultry production named Jharsim in 2016. A total No. of 3000 chicks are maintained at the farm. One 10000 capacity incubator is placed at poultry farm.
Varietal bird Farm
The Ranchi Veterinary College is maintaining different varietal birds for alternate poultry farming by the farmers of Jharkhand. These are Japanese quail, Turkey, guinea fowl, duck, indigenous breeds like Kadak Nath and Emmu. A total of 500 birds are maintained at the farm.
Rabbit Farm
College is also maintaining Rabbit farm for laboratory use Some of the breeds of Rabbit maintained are soviet Chinchila and Local Rabbits.

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