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1. Birsa Ridger

Birsa Ridger is suitable for tillage operation. The draft requirement of the Animal drawn Birsa Ridger was within the pulling capacity of one pair of bullocks available in the state.

2. Birsa Seed drill
Developers / Scientist (s) Associated : Dr. A.K. Sinha, Dr. S. Quraishi, Dr. Uttam Kumar and Er. D.K. Rusia
Birsa Seed drill is suitable for sowing paddy, ragi suitable for sowing paddy, ragi, wheat, linseed, gram, safflower and other seeds are dropped by a rubber agitator and slit hole while the fertilizer isdropped manually using the funnel provided for that purpose.

3. Birsa Potato digger
Developers / Scientist (s) Associated: Dr. A.K. Sinha, Dr. S. Quraishi, Dr. Uttam Kumar and Er. D.K. Rusia
Animal drawn Birsa Potato digger is useful for digging and exposing potato tubers. It consists of a ridger shaped bottom with welded extension rods on its wings. These rods help in separation of soil and dirt from the potato tubers.

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