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In Jharkhand forest wealth covers about 29% of the total geographical area. The forest has also vast varieties of medicinal and aromatic flora and fringe dwellers comprising mostly tribal community largely dependent upon the medicinal and aromatic plants for cure of common diseases as well as a means for livelihood support. The Socio-economic upliftment of these communities are significantly related to non-timber forest products especially medicinal and aromatic plants. Till date, systematic scientific information is meagerly available on total number of species of MAP found in the different regions of the Jharkhand. Information is also lacking about the extent of exploitations and phenological behaviour, agronomic practices, active ingredients, and their use in scientific herbal formulations. Thus, there is acute need of holistic and multidisciplinary approach having different stakeholders. The tribal and rural people residing adjacent to the forests have rich native tradition and ethnic knowledge about vegetation and forest which could be utilized even for biodiversity management.

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