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TEC, ICAR-IVRI Pune, in collaboration with the State Animal Husbandry Department and the College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Parbhani, arranged a series of events including the distribution of vital resources for backyard poultry farming in the Ajegaon village located in the Sengaon taluka of Hingoli District, as well as organized Kisan Goshti under the SCSP programme on 18th and 19th September, 2023.

On September 18, 2023, a Kisan Goshti was organised in the Ajegaon Gram Panchayat building office, with active participation of 31 farmers. The session aimed to enlighten the farmers on the pivotal role of animal husbandry practices within household economies. During the Kisan Goshti, various aspects of scientific management in dairy, goat and poultry farming were discussed, emphasizing their profitability. Additionally, a dedicated session covered the concept of ‘Farmer Producer Companies’ and their significance. The participating farmers were also made cognizant of climate change and the critical role of plantation in addressing livestock fodder scarcity. Furthermore, the promotion of plantation activities within villages was underscored as a valuable initiative.

Distinguished attendees at the event included Dr Tukaram Bhuktar from COVAS Parbhani, Dr Nichal from ACAH Sengaon, Dr Noor, the LDO of Sengaon, Dr Maheshwari Sirsath, the LDO of Ajegaon, as well as Mr Bodake, Gram Panchayat members, and local villagers. Dr Sanghratna Bahire and Dr Amol K. Bhalerao, Scientists of TEC, IVRI Pune coordinated the Kisan Goshti and addressed the farmers with motivational talk.

On the morning of September 19th a bird distribution program was organized, wherein 18 SC beneficiary farmers selected through the collaboration of a local NGO and the LDO were distributed Kaveri birds (n=720) aged 65 days. Additionally, the farmers were also provided with essential supplies, including grower feed amounting to 18 quintals, feeders weighing 12 kg, waterers with a capacity of 10 litres, and protective nets measuring 10 x 60 feet. During the event, Dr Amol Bhalerao, the event coordinator, extended a warm welcome to the guests and farmers. Dr Sanghratna Bahire addressed the farmers, providing insights into the activities of the Centre, the program’s objectives, and offering valuable guidance on poultry management, feeding, brooding and marketing of backyard poultry. Dr Tukaram Bhuktar, Assistant Professor at COVAS Parbhani, and Dr Maheswari Sirsath, LDO of Ajegaon, Hingoli, also spoke to the farmers. They emphasized the importance of proper bird maintenance and expressed gratitude to ICAR-IVRI Pune, for their efforts in enhancing the livelihoods of resource-poor SC farmers through backyard poultry farming. In commemoration of “Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav,” a student-scientist interaction was organized at Dhyneswar Mahavidyalay School in Warud Chakrapan, Taluka Sengaon, wherein Dr Sanghratna Bahire and Dr Amol Bhalerao engaged with both the school staff and its students by delivering an interactive lecture addressing various crucial aspects of education for attracting students to agricultural education. Scientists discussed study techniques, scientific illustration, cultural diversity, and emphasized the importance of maintaining good health, nurturing the mind, engaging in sports, and adhering to a balanced diet.The program was skillfully moderated by Mr KK Kotkar. Mr GV Zade, the school’s Principal, introduced the school’s objectives and motto, then expressed gratitude to IVRI Pune for their valuable guidance and support to the school students. Mr GV Zade, Dr Pariskar, Mr.Raut (Observer), Mr Chopade, Mr Zunjar, Mr Wagh, Mr Sandip Dhamne, and Mr B Magar were present at the event. Around 472 students attended the interaction. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr MM Raut by extending appreciation to all participants.

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