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A three-day ILRI-IVRI joint training on ‘Food Safety Epidemiology’ was organized at IVRI during December 11-13, 2023. The training workshop was a part of the joint ILRI-IVRI project on “One Health Initiative to improve food safety in poultry value chain in Uttar Pradesh, India’. Thirty-nine participants including scientists and students from divisions of Veterinary Public Health, Epidemiology and Livestock Products Technology participated in this highly informative training workshop.

Scientists from International Livestock Research Institute and ICAR-IVRI; Dr Delia Randolph, Professor, Food Safety Systems, Natural Resources Institute, Kent and Scientist, ILRI; Dr R. P. Deka, Scientist, ILRI; Dr Florence Mutua, Scientist, ILRI and Dr K. N. Bhilegaonkar, Principal Scientist, IVRI were the experts.

Dr Delia shared her experiences in food safety and risk assessment. Dr KN Bhilegaonkar delivered his talk on the experience of IVRI and other national institutes in food safety research in India. The comprehensive approach to risk assessment, risk communication and
risk management were delved upon followed by focused discussions. The group exercises on risk ranking of various poultry pathogens was also carried out by the participants. Dr Florence Mutua delivered her talk on cross-sectional quantitative survey. Lectures on microbial analysis, AMR, scenario of foodborne pathogens in India were delivered by Dr ZB
Dubal and Dr Suman Kumar, IVRI. Apart from these lectures, Dr Vinodhkumar, IVRI explained about the various guidelines to be followed in Systematic review and metanalysis, which was followed by a lecture on quantitative risk analysis. Dr AR Sen, HD, LPT spoke about the approaches to microbiological risk reduction. Dr RP Deka concluded the training with his lecture on the One Health considerations in food safety and approach for scaling out followed by discussion on the way forward in the project. The participants were trained on different aspects of food safety epidemiology: microbial pathogens and antimicrobial aspects of chicken value chain, qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, risk communication and risk reduction. Group work on the various techniques and procedures was performed by the trainees. Each session had a dedicated discussion to elaborate on practical aspects and field applicability. During the course of the training, the ILRI team met with Director, IVRI and discussed on various aspects of the project. The participants expressed valuable feedback on the training. The meeting was coordinated by the Division of VPH, IVRI.

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