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ICAR-CISH, Agri-Business Incubation Centre, Lucknow organized an “Incubate-Mentors Brainstorming Meeting” on 10th May, 2023. In this meeting, different horticultural startup ideas of entrepreneurs were critically discussed with the expert scientists strengthen their ideas and convert them into successful startups. A total number of 21 participants (scientists / mentors, entrepreneurs / startups and stakeholders) attended the meeting. Entrepreneurs namely Mr. Gyanendra Kumar Raveendra and Mr. Pankaj Kumar from M/S Bongeo Industries Private Limited, Arjunganj Lucknow, Mr. Kunwar Vishal Singh from M/S KV Industries, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Mr. Pravesh Kumar (M/S Landtouch Agricultural Industries Pvt. Ltd., Kalyanpur Kewtani, Ayodhya), Mr. Shivang Bansal (M/S Seedling Agrotech, Banthra, Lucknow), Dr. Jyoti Dewan (M/S Shapez Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Gomti Nagar, Lucknow), Mr. Vishal Krishna Bipin (M/S Subhekshaa Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Sharda Nagar, Lucknow) and Mr. Mirza Akram Baig (M/S Dr. Nature, Lucknow) joined the meeting. whereas, Mr. Yatendra Pratap Singh Tomar and Mr. Pradeep Dixit from M/s Lakshya Udai FPC, Hardoi, Mr. Sandeep Yadav, from Mango Pack House and Mr. RamJeevan, Progressive Mango Farmer, Mall, Malihabad participated as other stakeholders for networking and linkages. Principal Investigator of CISH-ABI, Dr. Maneesh Mishra welcomed and introduced all the participants. He emphasized on the importance of good startup incubation for the development and growth of any startup in the early stage. He also summarized the role and benefits of incubation at CISH-ABI. Dr. T. Damodaran, Director, ICAR-CISH warmly expressed appreciation for the growth and developments of startups and entrepreneurship in horticulture. He interacted with all startups directly and acknowledged that startups in the field of horticulture have vast opportunities of achievement with substantial outcome. The Director also guided the forward linkages to the startups like hydroponics technology startups may be further connected with government schemes like mid-day meal through PPP mode. Millet based startup may go into techno-commercial solutions. Development of wine from subtropical fruits like mango and guava etc. and export of mangoes are of high economic value, he added.

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