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He told the young students and young scientists working in the agriculture sector that now it is their turn. Young scientists of the country should connect protected agriculture with the market.

Presiding over the program, former Deputy Director General ICA. R. And former Vice Chancellor, Govind Vallabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Dr. P.L. Gautam said that apart from education, emphasis should be laid on entrepreneurship among children from the beginning. This will not only lead to overall development but also those countries .Will be able to ensure their participation in the progress. If the young agricultural scientists continue their work at the same pace, then they will get good results and more pleasant situations will be created.

In the morning, Vice Chancellor of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka, remembering the sacrifice and patriotism of Maharana Pratap, called upon the young scientists to provide new heights to the country in food grain production by doing continuous research. Paroda said that in a desert state like Rajasthan, there is abundant production of moong, moth, millet, fenugreek and cumin etc. The wheat variety Kharchiya-65 prepared in Pali is alkali resistant and its geographical patent has also been obtained.

Earlier, Dr. Anil Khippal, Principal Scientist, Indian Wheat and Barley Research Institute, Karnal threw light on natural farming. He said that natural farming has an important contribution in solving the problems of increasing air, soil and water pollution, human health etc. He explained in detail about the principles and components of natural farming. Told about various research works being done in Indian Wheat and Barley Research Institute, Karnal for natural farming like nutrition management, weed management, changes in physical and chemical structure of soil and contribution and changes of various micro-organisms.
Pro. Arun K. Joshi read a paper on improved wheat research in South Asia, Dr. Maria read a paper on healthy processed, grain-based foods. Jordanian agricultural scientist Dr. Michael Boom underlined the cooperation between ICAR and ICARDA in wheat and barley. Dr. Golam Farooq read the report from Bangladesh while Dr. Akash Chawde told about new economical methods for wheat breeding. On this occasion, Dr. Rooney Kaufman, Dr. Pawan Singh, Dr. Velu ji of Mexico presented research papers on various characteristics of wheat and barley and rapid breeding to increase the genetic advantage in wheat.

It will end on 30.08.2023 at 11.30 am. Chief guest Dr. R. S. Paroda, former Secretary (DARE) and Director General, ICAR Will be New Delhi.

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