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Dr. Mridula Devi, Director, Central Institute for Agricultural Women, inaugurated 10 rain water harvesting units in Godit village Gudli by the All India Coordinated Agricultural Women’s Research Project of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology. These rain water harvesting units have been set up by the project with the aim of purifying the polluted water in the local village. Along with this, chicks were distributed to 50 women to promote poultry farming for employment in the village, so that women become self-reliant. Each rain water conservation unit will recharge 100,000 liters of rain water into ground water, the market value of which is Rs 20 lakh. In this way, the market value of the rain water that will be recharged from all these units is one crore. This will also purify the ground water of all the units, which is absolutely necessary. This information has been given by Dr. PC Jain, Technical Assistant, Water Hero of the city. The director motivated the women to become self-reliant by starting an enterprise at home and in view of the available resources presented the details of the work done in the local village in the last five years through the potential enterprise and told the purpose of setting up a rain water conservation unit. . Also motivated women for poultry farming. Dr. Gayatri Tiwari proposed vote of thanks in the end. Dr. Sudha Babel, Dr. Hemu Rathod, Dr. Vishakha Singh, Dr. Sneha Jain, Dr. Seema Dangi Charu Nagar and Priyanka Bhati contributed successfully in the program. A total of 50 women and 20 children participated in the programme.

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