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Contemporarily when the public is battling air pollution as a result of increasing farm fires, the final year B.Sc. Agriculture students of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) put up a united effort to combat the issue of paddy stubble burning by organizing a village-wide rally at Saya Khurd. The rally aimed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of stubble burning and promote alternative methods for crop residue management. The students’ passionate advocacy for sustainable farming practices left a lasting impact on the entire village.

In addition, students lined-up a series of innovative activities during their village training under the Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE). One of the key activities undertaken was a comprehensive survey of farm households in the village. The students left no stone unturned in understanding the challenges faced by the farmers and the resources available to them.

Recognizing the need for expert guidance, the students facilitated the farmers by providing them with the contact details of professionals specializing in various allied activities and plant problems. This initiative was designed to bridge the gap between farmers and experts, ensuring that the farmers receive the necessary support and guidance for their agricultural endeavors.

Pest management and subsidiary activities were also given due importance during the training. A camp on integrated pest management was organized, where farmers were educated about sustainable practices to manage pests effectively. Additionally, activities such as dairy farming, piggery, and beekeeping were introduced to diversify the farmers’ income sources and enhance their overall livelihoods.

The students also introduced 10 kitchen gardens in the village to promote self-sustainability and provide fresh, organic produce to the households. Furthermore, the students planted fruit plants at the farmers’ homes, encouraging them to diversify their crops and enjoy the benefits of growing their own fruits.

Besides, the students organized an event called “Savachta Divas” in the primary school which included various activities such as cleanliness drives, interactive sessions on hygiene, and a prize distribution ceremony to recognize the efforts of the students.

To address social issues prevalent in the village, the students enacted a drama, throwing light on social evils and encouraging the youths to actively participate in eradicating these vices.

These impactful activities were held under the guidance of the Head, Department of Extension Education Dr Kuldeep Singh and mentorship of Extension Scientist Dr Lavleesh Garg. Mr Nirmal Singh, Agricultural Officer and Dr Pankaj Kumar, village Incharge, also shared their valuable insights.

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