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There is an increasing demand for fish in the domestic and export markets of India owing to the health benefits of fish. The demand is also resulting in huge aquaculture growth rate especially in inland aquaculture. The higher consumption and export are also resulting in higher waste generation. A minimum of 10% of the weight of carps goes as waste and around 5 lakh tonnes of fish waste is being generated annually. Cities and towns of India do not have waste lands for land filling of fish waste. Hence these wastes are being dumped in and around human habitations. These have huge negative implications on human health and environmental safety as the decomposition of waste attracts flies, pests and germs and also leads to environmental pollution. Conversion of the fish waste into by products like fish silage manure is a very viable and eco friendly approach for utilisation of these wastes to create wealth. The scientists of ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar comprising Dr Tanuja S and Dr Anil Kumar developed the process for preparation of fish silage manure. The organic manure contains the nutrients suitable for plant growth, soil microbes and earthworms and is free from foul odor. The production of organic manure from fish silage can be taken up by the industry as well as a livelihood option by women SHG groups which will contribute to their economic security. The technology is not capital or skill intensive. These features make the technology women friendly. It can also add impetus to the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan wherein the environmental pollution caused by piling of fish waste around human habitations can be minimized. Er. Prabhata Kumar Behera, Organic Matter Manufacturing Pvt Ltd. Bhubaneswar, Odisha expressed his interest in licensing this technology. Training on the production of fish silage manure was imparted to the entrepreneur on 4th May 2023. An MoU was also signed for this technology between ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar and Organic Matter Manufacturing Pvt Ltd. Bhubaneswar Odisha. Dr Mridula Devi, Director, ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar assured continuous technical backstopping for the industry with regards to the technology for production of fish silage manure as and when need arises.

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