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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Malyal organized training programme on “Integrated Pest Management in Chilli” at Rythu vedika, Kantayapalem Village of Thorrur Mandal on 21-09-2023. Dr. E. Rambabu SMS (Horticulture) explained about different IPM practices in Chilli which includes installation of sticky traps, growing of border crops, correction of micronutrient deficiencies, integrated management practices for virus control. He also clarified the queries raised by the farmers on wilt, viral complex and black thrips management in Chilli crop. Dr. N. Kishore Kumar, SMS (Extension) explained about different ICT tools in agriculture and measures to be taken present crops. In this programme Sri K. Kumar yadav, MAO, Thorrur, addressed the gathering about area coverage of different crops in the Mandal and farmers must practice IPM techniques in different crops for cost reduction, Sri Ch. Rakesh, Horticulture Officer, Thorrur, Smt. S. Amani, AEO, Kantayapalem cluster, Smt. P. Devamma, MPTC, Thorrur and 38 no of farmers participated.

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