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As part of Groundnut Farmers, Scientists and Exporters Interaction Meeting, Shri. Kishore Tanna, Special Advisor, IOPEPC, Mumbai, visited groundnut field in Chandubatla (V), Nagarkurnool (M) of Nagarkurnool District, Telangana State on 01-02-2024. The team lead by Dr. M. Malla Reddy, Associate Director Research (Southern Telangana Zone), RARS, Palem and accompanied by Dr.S. Vanisri, Principal Scientist (Oilseeds), RARS, Palem, Dr.V.Ram Reddy, Scientist (Plant Breeding), Dr. D. Srinivas Reddy, Scientist – Field Officer, Cost of Cultivation Scheme (CCS), Hyderabad, Smt. K.Sravanti, Scientist (Plant Breeding), Smt. N.Navatha, Scientist (Agronomy), Dr B. Rajashekar, SMS, KVK, Palem and other scientists from RARS, Palem and ICRISAT(Dr. B.Rachana, Research Fellow) and extension staff from the Department of Agriculture also participated. Total 25 groundnut farmers are also participated in the meeting who are the members of the Chandubatla FPO. Dr. M. Malla Reddy, ADR (STZ), RARS, Palem briefed the role of RARS, Palem and FPO, Chandupatla in groundnut seed business for getting higher price than market price. Dr. S. Vanisri, PS (Oilseeds) explained about selection of varieties suitable for the particular area andsuitable soil for cultivation of groundnut and importance of use of quality seeds. Shri. Kishore Tanna, Special Advisor, IOPEPC addressed the gathering and interacted with farmers and explained about the best management practices in groundnut for higher yields, procedures for groundnut export standards, cultivation of groundnut village as a unit and suggested to do soil and aflatoxin testing.Shri. Tanna emphasized on usage of quality seed by the farmers as it is mandatory for export purpose. He also suggested the scientists to provide the varieties which can produce 20-30 per cent more produce and urged to follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and soil test based recommendation of the crop. He explained the framers about the basic requirements for export purpose like less than 7 % moisture, minimum aflatoxin levels (< 4 ppb) required for different destinations and free from inert material. Shri. Tanna also said that exporters are ready to procure the groundnut produce if the quality seed is produced & FPOs and progressive farmers should take the proactive lead in this direction. He further suggested that some body should guide them whether to sell the produce or store it, by following the market intelligence. He also explained about the fixation of global prices for groundnut and marketing costs and margins in groundnut exports. Later on, the team proceeded to farmer Shri A. Srikanth groundnut field, Bijinapally village of Bijinapally mandal Nagarkurnool district.Shri. Kishore Tanna, Special Advisor, IOPEPC, Mumbai addressed the gathering and explained about trade rules and quality production of groundnut to get higher yields and higher income to the farmers and suggested to use quality seeds and follow the best management practices as per the scientists recommendations. And also insisted the farmers to maintain moisture content below 7% in pods at the time of trading. A total of 15 groundnut farmers are participated in this meeting.

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