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Agriculture is faced with array of challenges including loss of biodiversity, chemical contamination of soils, plant pests and diseases, all of which can directly compromise plant productivity and health under the influence of climate-related events such as drought, flood, hailstorms etc. On the other hand, agricultural intensification is expected to enhance to satisfy the need for upraised global food production. Therefore, a better understanding of the parallel effects of agricultural management (vedic, natural and organic croplands) and climate conditions on soil-microbe-plant interactions is pivotal to boosting the effort in engineering a plant microbiome that can better contribute to productivity in agro ecosystems. These advances are needed to introduce through faculty training programme to impart their
knowledge and further future endeavor.

About the course:
This training discusses the role of vedic, natural and organic farming in the restoration of soil health, plant pest and disease management with series of lectures and hands on practical sessions. While, use of them are not new in agriculture, but there is a lack of knowledge regarding its safe and proper deployment. Hence, these approaches are used to achieve sustainable agricultural practices entails the deployment of vedic, botanicals, microbial pesticides, and organic minerals as organic amendment under the influence of climate change. The role of these amendments in stimulating beneficial microbe quorum formation related to the host-plant pathogen interactions, and its role in facilitating induced systemic resistance and systemic-acquired resistance against pest and diseases. Addition to SDAU faculties, guest faculties would be invited from other ICAR institutes & SAU’s to deliver lectures on specific area of their specialization. A visit of University research activities will also be organized.

Participants are invited from State Agricultural Universities/ICAR Institutes. The participants should possess M.Sc./ Ph.D. Degree in Plant Pathology or related disciplines and presently working not below the rank of Assistant Professor and its equivalent.

Date and venue:
The winter school would be organised for 21 days from 28th February to 19th March, 2024 at the Department Plant Pathology, C. P. College of Agriculture, Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar- 385 506. Dist: Banaskantha, Gujarat, India.

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