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A one-day workshop on “Importance and Implementation of Biogas for Rural Prosperity” organized by College of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering of Sardarkrishnagar Dantiwada Agricultural University and Center of Agricultural Science, Ganpat University, Kherwa on 23rd February, 2023 Village: Navapura – Sundhiya, dt. Vadnagar, Dist: Done on the farm of progressive farmer Jenaji Thakor at Mehsana. About 150 farmers and 20 students enthusiastically participated in the Sadar program.

At the beginning of the program, Assistant Professor U. Invited guests and farmers were warmly welcomed by de Dobria. Then the arriving guests were welcomed with bouquets of flowers. Dr. present in this program. V.M. Modi, the Principal and the Dean gave a pep talk on the importance of renewable energy and its use in agriculture. Then Dr. N.N. Desai, M.Pvt. Provided guidance to farmers by giving detailed discussion on biogas technology. Detailed information on the importance of integrated cropping system in good agriculture to get more income per unit area Research scientist of Integrated Farming System Unit, Dr. Given by Laljibhai Desai. Reached from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kherwa. Ravi Kachhdia, Scientist, Agricultural Engineering and Dr. Sharad Soni Scientist, Guidance was provided to the farmers on the importance of organic farming and the use of small hand-operated tools used in farming activities by animal husbandry and home remedies for animal husbandry at low cost. At the end of the program thanks were given by Mr. Ravi Kachdia, Scientist, KVK, Kherwa. Planning and management of the entire program Dr. V. like this. Renewable Energy Mahavidyalaya under Modi’s leadership, K.V.K. Done by Kherwa and Development Support Center team.

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