One hundred fifty farmers from Sar and Sinli villages of Jodhpur district participated in an event organized by CAZRI on 5th December under the SCSP programme. Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Principal Scientist and the Coordinator, SCSP, CAZRI, Dr. R. S. Yadav, Principal Scientist and Dr. Shrvan Kumar, Scientist spoke about the objectives and importance of World soil day. They explained about sustainable soil management practices such as judicious use of manures and fertilizers based on the soil health cards, and procedures of soil sample collection from the fields.
Dr. B. L. Manjunatha, Scientist informed the farmers about the organic linkage of Jamin (land/ soil), Jangal (forest/ CPRs), Jal (water), Janwar (livestock) and Jan (human beings) in the functioning of the ecosystem. Smt. Vatika Rajpurohit, Pradhan of Luni Panchayat Samiti and the Chief Guest strongly encouraged the farmers to adopt improved technologies recommended by CAZRI for enhancing their crop productivity and incomes. Sh. Ramchander Rathore, Chairman, GSS, Rohicha Kalan, Luni, Sh. Pancha Ram, Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat, Sar, and Smt. Laxmi Devi, Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat, Sinali, were the other dignitaries. On this occasion, tarpaulin sheets and hand weeders were distributed to 150 farmers.

KVK at CAZRI, Jodhpur also organized an event on this occasion at village Dugar in Balesar Panchayat Samiti of Jodhpur. 140 farmers, farmwomen and students from Dugar and nearby five villages participated. The SDM of Balesar was the Chief Guest who emphasized about adoption of new agricultural technologies and the benefits of soil testing. Dr. N.R. Panwar, Principal Scientist, CAZRI, explained how the use of soil health cards and organic matter can bring improvement in soil health. The program was coordinated by Shri R.R. Meghwal, SMS
(Agronomy), KVK, Jodhpur.

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