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ICAR-CAZRI celebrated June 5, 2023 as the World Environment Day to create the sovereign awareness about the UNEP’s theme “Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)”. The celebration comprised three important programs; Tree plantation at the CAZRI campus and two lecture sessions. In the morning session, Dr. N.V. Patil, Director (officiating), Nodal officer of the program, Dr. M.P. Rajora, Heads of Divisions, Chief Administration Officer, Comptroller, technical officers and staffs from Farm section assembled to plant tree saplings near CAZRI playground.

In the first lecture session held in the conference hall, institute scientists and officers from Administration/Finance participated. The talk on “Lifestyle for Environment” was delivered by Dr. Praveen Kumar (Former Head at CAZRI and an eminent soil scientist) who made a scientific elaboration on the topic while explaining how different mode of lifestyles practiced in developing and developed nations now significantly impacting the environment. The examples about the impact of commonly used consumer goods like textile, plastic, food waste on our daily life and environment were cited to elaborate the carbon footprint of daily used goods like electronics, cosmetics, battery and synthetics lubricants used in machinery. Dr. N V Patil (Officiating Director) mentioned the importance of adoption of different practices helpful for protecting the environment and advocated for the conscious adoption of these environment friendly agricultural practices by different stake holders to save the environment from its further degradation. The second lecture was conducted for all staff of CAZRI in the afternoon and Dr. Shiv Singh Rathore, Ex-Chairman & Member RPSC shared views on various aspects of LIFE and the role of natural resources, especially water resources in a desert area like Rajasthan.

The concepts of Hydro-geo-tourism and Geoparks and their scope in this desert region was suggested similarly while mentioning the problems of rising water level in Jodhpur city, the neglect of some of the important traditional waterbodies was also explained and urged the need for their conservation and restoration.

Dr P.C. Moharana, Head of Division of Natural Resources earlier welcomed the guest speakers and gave a brief about the significance of world environment celebration. He suggested that the recent rainfall pattern experienced during the month of May, 2023 in western Rajasthan as an effect of climate change. The role and activities of MoEF-CC unit of EIACP (erstwhile ENVIS) at this institute were also narrated by him. Dr. N. K. Jat and Dr. Archana Verma, the nodal officers, conducted the programme.

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