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Date: 19.01.2024
Time of training: 9.30 AM-5.30 PM
Last date of receipt of application: 18.01.2024
Course Director: Dr. L. R. Varalakshmi
Course Co-Director: Dr. Chethan Kumar G, Dr.Yukti Verma
Course Coordinators: Dr. Dhananjaya M. V. CEO, BESST-HORT, Dr. Kalaivanan D, Treasurer BESST-HORT and Team
Objectives of the training:
1. To create awareness among the trainees about heavy metal contamination in soil, water and plant eco systems, human health risks caused by heavy metals and preventive measures to reduce heavy metals in food chain.
2. To impart knowledge about different analytical and instrumental aspects of heavy metal analysis in fruits and vegetables.
3. To train participants on heavy metal analysis in fruits and vegetables, evaluation and interpretation of results.
Prospects of the training:
Heavy metal contamination in soil, water, fruits, vegetables, other food crops and processed food items has become major cause of concern as they are toxic at very low concentrations and cause adverse effects on soil, plants, animals and human beings. Their concentration is increasing day by day due to increased urbanization, industrialization, scarcity of good quality water and increased use of poor quality water and sewage water for cultivation of crops. Knowledge about heavy metal contamination in soil, water and food will help to take proper measures to reduce heavy metal entry into food chain.
Scope of training:
This training will give exhaustive information on heavy metal contamination issues in fruits, vegetables and other food products and adverse effects caused by them in soils, plants and human beings. It covers different analytical techniques for their detection in soils, waters, fruits and vegetables. It also imparts knowledge about processing samples, testing methods, using instruments for heavy metal analysis, interpretation of results and measures to take to reduce heavy metals entry into food chain. This training programme is useful for all the people who require to have awareness about heavy metal contamination and need to detect them in fruits, vegetables and other food products.

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