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A five days training programme entitled “Skills For Entrepreneurship Development In Floriculture” was jointly organized by ICAR-Directorate of Floricultural Research, Pune, Maharashtra 411036 and National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500030 from March 11-15, 2024. The Training was sponsored by MANAGE, Hyderabad. The objective of the training was to impart the required skill and knowledge to stakeholders on various aspects of floriculture and related fields for the purpose of entrepreneurship development and livelihood security.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. K. V. Prasad, Director, ICAR-DFR, Pune and Dr. Shalendra Singh, Director (Agricultural Marketing), MANAGE, Hyderabad. In his inaugural address Dr. Prasad emphasized on the role & importance of training in imparting knowledge and skills of a person. He appreciated MANAGE for unique idea of starting entrepreneurship training programme.

Dr. Shalendra Singh thanked the Directorate for accepting the request from MANAGE for the
conduct of the training programme and also reiterated long association in taking the lead in conducting other trainings of MANAGE. He expressed his happiness over the content of the training. A total of sixty five participants from different SAUs/ KVKs/ other departments/ Private organizations attended the training programme in virtual mode.

An intensive training schedule was followed with more than 20 lectures with the help of internal as well as external experts (PPVFRA, NHB, Consultants) available in and around Pune and also from AICRP on Floriculture centers at Dr YSPUHF, Solan and MPUAT, Udaipur. The lectures covered were Status of Floriculture & IPR, Agri-startups and FPOs in Floriculture, cultivation of cut flowers for progressive entrepreneurs, seed production of annual flowers: a viable model for startups, good agricultural practices and flower labels, tissue culture: A viable industry for production of elite planting materials, current trends in pot plant production and Hi-tech nurseries : A case study of Kadiyam, entrepreneurship development through protected cultivation, Vertical gardening and garden centers, gulkand making: a viable entrepreneurship option for value addition in roses, dry flower Industry for women empowerment including value addition, marketing of flowers: Opportunities and Challenges, socio-economiciIssues and Motivation of Youth in Floriculture, Protection of Plant Varieties through PPV&FRA in India, flower Arrangements: Empowering Urban and peri-Urban Youths, role of National Horticulture Board for the promotion of floriculture in India, cultivation of loose flower production for livelihood security, pigments and essential oils from flowers- New Age Entrepreneurship, role of R-ABI in entrepreneurs development, basics of protected cultivations, besides a special lecture on sensitization regarding Official Language in India. All the trainees showed active interest in all classes. A training manual is prepared covering all the topics covered during the training for the trainees.

During the valedictory function of the training programme a brief training report was presented to the Chief Guest Dr Shalendra Singh, Director, (Agricultural Marketing), MANAGE, Hyderabad. He thanked the Team DFR for successfully taking up the training programme and urged the trainees to pass on the learning experience to the stakeholders for the betterment of the farming community. He also pointed out the importance of training in strengthening and encouraging the agri-startups and entrepreneurship in floriculture sector and keep in touch with the Directorate for any help in future. The participants expressed high level of satisfaction and appreciated the efforts of the Directorate in organizing such a useful training programme in a high value sector like Floriculture.

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