DAATTC, Tornala has organized field visit on maize minikit DHM-206 vs DHM-121 at Manne Sailu, Irkode (V) Siddipet (Rural) (M) & DHM-182 vs DHM-121 at B. Kanakaiah, Bussapur (V), Siddipet (Rural) (M); K. Lingam, Padmanabampally (V), Dubbak (M) Siddipet District. Dr. M.V.Nagesh kumar, Principal Scientist (Maize) & Head, Dr. C.V. Sameer Kumar, Professor & Head & Dr. Sunil, Principal Scientist, IIMR team of scientists observed growth performance and other parameters of the minikits. Later they interacted with farmers to know the farmers preference and performance of minikits. DAATT Centre scientists Sri. J. Vijay and Dr. Ch. Pallavi, MAO Parashuramulu, AEO Prem sai, Parashuramulu, Sarpanch and 25 farmers have participated in this visit.

Read more: https://pjtsau.edu.in/field-visit-maize-minikits-daattc-tonala-10-10-2023.html

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