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ICAR- Directorate of Floricultural Research, Pune, organized a one-day seminar on “Breaking Down Barriers: How Patent Data Can Propel Your Scientist Research” to commemorate the World IP Day on April 26th, 2024 which is aligned with the theme “IP and the SDGs: Building our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity” . The interactive presentation was made by Mr. Hari Mohan, Head IP, Competence Centre, Mettle Toledo India, Pune, under the chairmanship of Dr K. V. Prasad, Director, ICAR-DFR. Mr.Hari Mohan made an elaborate presentation on patentable and non-patentable subjects, performing prior art and patent filing strategies, etc. With the help of a case study on US patent on flower plucker he demonstrated how a typical patent document can be deciphered by following the international norms of coding.

Following the lectures, an interactive session provided participants with a chance to exchange ideas, share experiences, and seek clarifications on intellectual property-related issues aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovative solutions. Dr K. V. Prasad, Director, ICAR-DFR, in his speech, stated that World IP Day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of IP portfolio, such as patents, copyrights, designs, trademarks, and Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) for encouraging innovation and creativity among the scientific staff.

He emphasized the need to expand the IP portfolio of ICAR-DFR by seeking protection not only for plant varieties but also a number of novel products developed the scientists. He called upon the participants to create more awareness among the stakeholders as the understanding of IP regimes in agriculture is poorly understood.

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