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A field day on “High Density Planting System (HDPS) in Cotton” was organized by DAATTC & ARS, Tornala on 18-11-2023. Dr. S. Sridevi, Principal Scientist and Head, ARS, Tornala welcomed the farmers and briefed about the techniques to be followed in high density cotton cultivation method to cotton growing farmers of Siddipet district and also said that at ARS, Tornala HDPS cotton demonstration was taken up with a hybrid NCS-2778 (90 cm x 20 cm) with pneumatic planter, with this method of sowing plant population of > 25000 per acre could be maintained and expecting about 10q of yields under rainfed light soil conditions.

Further she explained that the traditional cotton cultivation requires 3-4 pickings and requires more labor but in HDPS cotton cultivation requires one or two times of cotton picking and less labor and the crop will be harvested by the end of November or first fortnight of December which helps to reduce the Pink Boll Worm incidence and facilitates a sequence crop. Dr. Ch. Pallavi, Scientist, DAATTC, Tornala explained about difference between normal cotton and HDPS cotton economically. Later, farmer Mr. Bala swamy Reddy gave feedback about HDPS cultivation (20-25 bolls/plant), obtained yield of 12q/acre and also planned to takeup blackgram after cotton. The scientists of ARS, Tornala, Dr. T. Srijaya, Dr. Umarani, Dr. Swetha, Tornala also clarified the doubts of farmers on various aspects this technology. The programme was attended by 52 farmers of Bussapur, Chittapur, Tornala, Kistapur, Dhommata, Potharam and Ankshapur villages of Siddipet district took part in the programme.

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