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The Farm Advisory Service Centre, Kapurthala, conducted monitoring-cum-spot guidance for the potato growers of the villages of Bibri, Dudianwal, Jhal Bibri and Saido Bhulana. The farmers were advised regarding the management of frost injury, late blight, haulm cutting and roguing of off-type plants.

Dr Pardeep Kumar, Senior Extension Scientist (SES), informed that in light of extremely foggy weather, still air, freezing conditions with night temperature below 6 degree celsius and mean day temperature below 16, the potato crop plant growth was quite slow due to poor photosynthesis and low uptake of nutrients. He advised the farmers to go in for preventive spray against the late blight with the PAU recommended fungicide, removal of off-type plants, light irrigation to check frost injury and uniform top dressing of fertilizers to avoid foliage burning to ensure high productivity and quality of potato crop.

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