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Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Hoshiarpur, organized an in-service training session on cutting-edge technologies for paddy residue management and integrated pest management in rabi crops. The event, held at the KVK Hoshiarpur campus, aimed to equip the staff of the Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Hoshiarpur, and Secretaries of Co-operative Societies from various blocks in the Hoshiarpur district with essential knowledge and techniques.

Dr Ajaib Singh, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering, KVK Hoshiarpur, delivered a compelling presentation on the adverse effects of crop residue burning. He urged participants to champion the noble cause of refraining from burning paddy residue. Dr Singh elucidated various in-situ residue management technologies, including Super SMS, Happy Seeder, Smart Seeder, Surface Seeder, Super Seeder, reversible mold board plough, mulcher, zero till drill, and cutter, emphasizing their effectiveness in paddy residue management. He also discussed alternative uses for paddy straw, such as mushroom cultivation, paddy straw-based biogas production, biochar, and mulch.

Dr Prabhjot Kaur, Assistant Professor specializing in Plant Protection at KVK Hoshiarpur, provided valuable insights into diagnosing damage symptoms caused by different insect pests and diseases affecting rabi crops. She shared practical techniques for monitoring these issues in the fields and implementing integrated pest management practices.

During an interactive session, Dr Maninder Singh Bons, Associate Director (Training) at KVK Hoshiarpur, underscored the pivotal role of agricultural machinery in modern farming. He stressed the importance of utilizing machinery for paddy residue management to protect the environment. Dr Bons highlighted the formation of custom hiring centers for paddy residue machinery in the district and encouraged collaborative efforts for their optimal use. He also shed light on improved cultivation and plant protection practices, emphasizing the need for judicious pesticide application and adopting eco-friendly technologies.

The participants engaged in fruitful discussions with the experts during the training, expressing their appreciation for the invaluable knowledge and insights from this programme.

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