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Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the State was completed much earlier in the year 1966. 1966 Soil profiles were exposed, studied, and described. About 500 soil series were established in the whole state. To maintain consistency in procedural standards and to confirm the individual results of scientific, correlation and definition of soil series are followed. Properly correlated soil maps provide a reliable database of Soil and locate specific research and transfer of technology. The Correlation work has been taken up only after its urgency was felt when the National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, Nagpur started correlation work on a national basis.

  • Digitization of available reports and maps.
  • Preparation of abstract of each available report.
  • Update available information in today’s context.
  • Preparation of prediction map physical and chemical quality.
  • Update and incorporate new data into existing information. Data became easily assessable to any people in India through a web-based Decision support system. 

Digitization of agricultural land up to village and Characterization of natural resources and their mapping.

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