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In Khamman district, farmers are increasingly facing water shortage for traditional rice cultivation due to deficit monsson, delayed and limited release of water from reservoirs. Transplanting of rice entails adequate land preparation bath for nursery and main field, consumex 20% of the total water requirement/ha (1240 mm) and requires 25 to 30 non days for its establishment manually depending on call type. KVK, Wyra assessed the performance of dry converted wet rice cultivation in on-form trials as an alternative to the conventional method of transplanted rice

Resilient Technology

Dry converted wet rice is an alternative method to transplanted rice to overcome shortage of water and labour scarcity.

Land levelling: Dry converted wet rice is best practiced in levelled land for increasing water productivity.

Sowing: Line sowing 40 kg seed/ha or broadcasting is practiced

Weed management: Application of pre emergence herbicide Pendimethalin 251/ ha inmediately after sowing and application of post emergence herbicide (kipynibac sodium 250 ml/hs) of 15-20 days after sowing.

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