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The University witnessed today the inauguration of a spring garden, 15.03.2024 marking a colorful note to the day. While the second day of the Kisan Mela was at its peak, this inauguration lent a vibrant hue to the event. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr Harwant Kaur Khush, the better half of World food Prize winner Dr G S Khush. While considering this inauguration a wonderful opportunity, she lauded the efforts of the university in maintaining the green health of the planet. She said that she was honored and privileged to receive such a cordial and memorable welcome. She thanked all the dignitaries in her address, especially the students and staff for their efforts. “If grains are the food for body, flowers are the food for soul” she said. The charisma of emotions of joy, excitement, celebration, love, affection, and even sorrow is well expressed by means of flowers. Dr Khush appreciated the efforts of the Vice Chancellor in upholding a vision that goes beyond academics and ensures a holistic development of the students. He said that it was a unique experience to be there at the occasion and witnessing such exceptional diversity of varieties. It was a wonderful addition to the PAU environment.

The programme was well-conducted by Dr RIS Gill, Estate Officer, PAU. While mentioning the passionate vision of Dr S S Gosal, Vice Chancellor, PAU, he asserted that Dr S S Gosal, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, PAU initiated the ‘Clean and Green drive’ in the campus to ensure an aesthetic and vibrant ambience of the university. Out of the many projects under that visionary campaign, one was to revive the lawns and gardens on both side of the University entrances. Dr RIS Gill ushered the guests and invitees for a stroll to the Spring Garden developed by the earnest efforts of the Department of Floriculture and Landscaping.

Dr Parminder Singh, Head Department of Floriculture and Landscaping mentioned that the garden has various attractions for the visitors and joggers enhancing the aesthetics of University. Especially, a fantastic collection of many bulbous flowers including tulips, Hyacinths, Liliums, Daffodils and also roses, annuals and other flowering crops displaying a rich germplasm. These flowers have been meticulously labelled in Punjabi and English language for the general public, who can admire and learn about them while strolling in the newly constructed walker’s track around them.

The audience was welcomed by the blooming flowers of the winter season. The officers of the University also joined the joyous occasion. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Ranjit Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Floriculture and Landscaping.

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