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In a collective effort to address the pressing issue of farm fires and the resulting health and environmental hazards, KVK Jalandhar organized a camp to educate and inspire students about sustainable agricultural practices.

Er Rupinder Chandel, Assistant Professor, Farm Machinery and Power Engineering (FMPE), expressed deep concern about the ongoing problem of farm fires and their adverse impact on the environment and public health. He emphasized the critical importance of implementing “no-burn agriculture” practices, particularly highlighting the issues of environmental pollution and soil health deterioration.

Dr Balbir Kaur, Assistant Professor, Horticulture, delivered a talk on the significance of effective crop residue management. She also enlightened the students about kitchen gardening, which plays a pivotal role in meeting nutritional requirements at the domestic level.

Dr Rohit Gupta, Assistant Professor Animal Sciences, shared valuable insights with the students on using paddy straw in the dairy sector, providing a sustainable alternative to burning.

Dr Baljeet Kaur, Subject Matter Specialist in Agrometeorology, shed light on the impact of paddy burning, explaining its role in global warming and introducing the concept of climate-smart agriculture.

Dr Sanjeev Kumar Kataria, Deputy Director, KVK Jalandhar, extended a vote of thanks and encouraged students to actively raise awareness within their homes and communities regarding the detrimental effects of paddy straw burning.

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