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In the Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar, a campaign was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar, the director of the institute, along with all the staff in the campus for the eradication of carrot grass. Requested not to allow this carrot grass to grow in your surrounding area. Eliminate it as soon as possible in the fields and public pastures and on the roads around you. Because it is very harmful grass, no animal eats it. Nor is it of any other use, it makes the earth barren and this grass also causes many diseases like asthma. Do not let it grow and grow in the empty space around you. Destroy it completely from the premises as soon as possible. Plantation of mulberry plants was also done along with eradication of carrot grass. Plantation of 5000 plants under the leadership of Director Avikanagar The target has been set this time.

Appreciating this campaign of Mr. Tarun Kumar Jain, working in the Estate Section, the director requested to increase awareness among the maximum number of people. Dr. Randhirsinh Bhatt, Siddharthsarathi Mishra, Dr. G. G. Sonawane, program coordinator Dr. Suresh Chand Sharma, in-charge of farm section and in-charge of other departments also resolved to run a campaign for cleanliness in and around the sectors of their department. Media in-charge of the institute, Dr. Amar Singh Meena gave this information.

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