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Chokla sheep has been improved through intensive selection for fine carpet wool production. It produces 2.4 kg wool per annum with average fiber diameter of around 30m and medullation of around 30%. The staple length of more than 6.0 cm makes it ideally suitable for carpet.

his breed is distributed in Churu, Jhunjhunu, Sikar andbordering areas of Bikaner, Jaipur and Nagaur districts of Rajasthan. Animals true to the breed type are found in Sikar and Churu districts. The animals are light to medium‑sized. The face, generally devoid of wool, is reddish brown or dark brown, and the colour may extend up to the middle of the neck. The skin is pink. The ears are small to medium in length and tubular. Tail is thin and of medium length. The coat is dense and relatively fine, covering the entire body including the belly and the greater part of the legs. Chokla is fine carpet wool Indian sheep and reared basically for its wool quality and suitability for migration. Chokla grows the finest carpet wool of all the Indian breeds ranging in its quality number from 54s to 60s count. The wool produced by Chokla sheep is heterogeneous and is generally mixed with coarser fleece of other sheep before utilization as carpet wool. Over the period there is significant improvement in the body weight at different ages and this reflects the effect of selection in the flock. Being a Best Carpet wool breed, Chokla produces wool with average fiber diameter and medullation percentage of around 30m and 30% with staple length of more than 6.0 cm suitable for all kind of carpet preparation. Since 1992, through intensive selection and improved management, six month weight of the sheep has increased significantly from 16.51 kg to 24.83 kg and first 6 monthly GFY increased from 0.918 kg to 1.438 kg. A total of 300 rams were sold / distributed to the farmers or to the Govt. of Rajasthan for breed improvement programme.

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