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March 21.03.2024 BAU is proud to complete the first batch of Extension Plant Pathology. This is a course that is being taught only in BAU amongst all State Agricultural Universities and Deemed Universities of India. This postgraduate course is unique in itself which is a blend of two applied disciplines of agricultural sciences viz. Extension Education and Plant Pathology. The course is developed for postgraduate and PhD students and is remarked with a code, PL PATH-520 with 2+1=3 credit hours. This course can be opted for by any student who is interested in plant stress and keen on developments of ICT and digital agriculture.

The course was unanimously accepted and approved by the House of the 32nd Academic Council of the university and thereafter students got enthusiastic to sink into the knowledge of this blended course. The course was designed by Dr Abhijeet Ghatak (Plant Pathology) and Dr Aditya Sinha (Extension Education); they became the very first instructors to launch this course.
At the end of the session, both of the instructors along with another instructor, Dr Shraddha Sawant thanked the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor for believing in the team and kind support. The students and teachers, together, assembled in a session-end gathering wherein the authorities like the Registrar, Dean (PGS), and DSW were invited who interacted with the students and got feedback from the students.

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