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Awareness-cum-Demonstration programme on “Application of agro-chemical in rabi crops through drone technology” was organised at KVK Buxar, Bihar; and Bagahi, Bela and Dhanaita villages of Mirzapur district, Eastern UP during 29 th February, 2024 to 3rd March, 2024. Live demonstrations of spraying of agro-chemical through drone were conducted on rabicrop such as wheat, gram, banana and berseem. Dr. Pawan Jeet aware farmers about operating procedures of drone and conducted live demonstration of drone in farmer’s field and also during two days training programme entitled “Improved farming technologies for augmenting livelihood” during 29/02/2023 to 01/03/2024 at KVK Buxar under SCSP to40 SC farmers of Selhauri Belhowri village, Patna. Dr. Prem Kumar Sundaram highlighted the benefits and subsidy offers on drone technology in agriculture. Under this programme, spraying of nano urea, multiplex and fungicide was demonstrated at KVK Buxar(gram: 4.5 acres);Bagahi, Bela and Dhanaita villages of Mirzapur district, Eastern UP(wheat: 16 acres, banana: 1 acre and berseem: 0.5 acre) with drone technology. More than 150 farmers were present at the demonstration site during the programme. Shri Manoj Kumar Sinha assists in various activities during the programme.

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