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A ‘Demonstration cum Awareness Program on Kisan Drone’ was held on the occasion of ‘Shahid Kisan Mela’ organised at Gondpur village in Kharsawan district of Jharkhand on 1st January 2024. Live demonstrations on drone flying were conducted to spread the awareness on applicability of drones in spraying of agro-chemicals. More than 500 farmers were present at the demonstration site. Farmers were informed about the potential applications of drone technology in the agriculture, particularly in spraying of agro-chemicals. Dr Anup Das, Director, ICAR-RCER educated the farmers on potential of Kisan-Drones and underlined the benefits the drones can offer to the farmers. Dr Das also highlighted how a new friend in the form of Kisan-Drone can help in improving the productivity, production and income to bring the farmers. Dr Santosh Mali and Dr Pawan Jeet carried out technical sessions on chemicals used, effectiveness of spraying of agro-chemicals and the economic gains the drone technology offers. Dr Mali also detailed on procedures to buy a Kisan Drone and procedures to obtain a drone pilot training. Dr V K Yadav and Dr A K Jha briefed on general information about Kisan Drones and various schemes of government of India. Dr A K Singh and DrMahesh Dhakar carried out sessions on applications of drones in management of pests and diseases of vegetable and fruit crops, respectively. Dr Mali and Dr Pawan Jeet conducted the live demonstration of spraying of agro-chemicals using Kisan-Drone.

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