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It is general information to all that limited quantities of rice seeds of the following
varieties are available at AAU-SMAPRS, Buralikson for sale. Interested parties may procure the
same while the stocks last.

Organic Sali rice varieties for Assam condition:
Sl. No.    Variety       Duration (Days)   Av. Yield (q/ha)    Seeds Available
1.             Langpi*      140-145                  59.0                           370 kg
2.            Amreng**   140-145                  58.0                           200 kg

Organic Chakuwa rice variety for Assam condition:
Sl. No.   Variety        Duration (Days)   Av. Yield (q/ha)   Seeds Available
1.            Diyung*      140-145                   61.0                        430 kg
2.            TTBDR       106-2-4                   140                          58.5 370 kg

# Price of rice seeds: Rs.40.00 / kg
* Notified and released by CVRC in 2022
** Recommended by SVRC in 2022

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