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The role of appropriate information technology and its dissemination to the farmers or other end users are very much vital. The important point is not only to generate the technology but also to ensure that the required information is delivered rapidly to the farmers with the dissemination loss. In the course of the Agricultural revolution, the availability of improved varieties of cereals, oilseeds, pulses, and other crops, breeds of livestock poultry & fisheries, horticultural planting materials and other inputs, diagnostic services, and information through printed, audio, video, and electronic media and consultancy service. The establishment of ATIC is intended to provide such facilities of information technology for dissemination to the farmers as a single windows delivery system. This service includes both providing solutions to location-specific problems and making available all the technological information along with technology inputs and products.

Needs for Establishment

1. Providing diagnostic services for soil testing, and plant, and livestock health.
2. Supplying research products such as seeds and other planting materials, poultry strains, etc. emerging from the institution for testing and adoption by various clientele.
3. Disseminating information through published literature and communication materials as well as audio-visual aids.


1. Seeds of field crops, vegetables, and other horticultural crops.
2. Nursery plants of vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants.
3. Bio-fertilizer.
4. IPM-organic and bio-pesticides including NPV.
5. Small Farm Implements.
6. Tissue cultured plant materials.
7. Processed products and by-products of cereals, Oilseeds, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms including spawn, Honey, Milk, Meat and Fish, etc.
8. Poultry strains, livestock breeds, semen, fish seed, etc.
9. Agricultural equipment and drawing of designs.
10. Vermi-culture and Vermicompost.
11. Vaccine/diagonostic kit.
12. Microbial culture for milk and milk products.


1. Soil testing.
2. Seed Quality testing.
3. Plants health clinic.
4. Veterinary/animal clinics for small and large animals.
5. Testing and calibration of agricultural equipment and implements.
6. Projects profiles and consultancy.
7. On-farm consultancy for farmers/orchardists

ATIC has sold rice seeds of different varieties, vegetable seeds, planting materials, and processed products like tea, black pepper, honey, etc, Besides, fresh vegetables like cabbage, tomato, and brinjal. lemon, capsicum, beans, cucumber, etc. have been sold at the daily sale counter of ATIC.

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