• Fifth Deans’ Committee recommendations have been adopted and implemented.
  • Innovations in instructional technology have been promoted through e-classrooms and videoconferencing.
  • Initiated teaching, research and extension in newly established colleges of Agriculture, Dairy and Fisheries.
  • Experiential Learning Programmes (ELP) have been redesigned with inclusion of more farmer- oriented activities.
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities have been intensified and new activities have been added.
  • Research has been initiated on hybrid technology, precision farming and climate resilient agriculture.
  • BAU released two new varieties of linseed viz. Divya (BAU-06-03) and Priyam (BAU-2012-1).
  • Proposal for release of one variety of Marua (Birsa Marua-J) and two varieties of Soybean (Birsa Soybea-3 & Birsa Soybean-4) submitted and one variety each of Soy bean (Birsa Safed Soybaean-2) and Groundnut (Birsa Groundnut-d) were proposed for notification.
  • Jharsuk breed of Pig has been developed which has become popular in eastern and north- eastern India.
  • Scientists of the University brought out 135 research publications, 02 books, 08 technical bulletins, 01 training manuals and 16 folders.
  • The KVKs organized 1718 training courses for practicing farmers & farm women, 607 for rural youth and 212 training courses for extension functionaries. Altogether, 78,966 farmers and farm women and 8316 extension functionaries were trained.
  • Scientists of the University delivered 39 Radio and 44 T.Y. talks.
  • Directorate of Seeds and Farms produced 9029.79 quintals foundation seed of different crops and supply 45000 quality planting materials.
  • Altogether 1,31,537 pkts. (lOO gm each) of Biofertilizers and 71.97 quintals of vermi compost were produced and distributed.
  • A total of 3,856 soil samples were tested and advisory was provided.
  • Altogether 951 farmers benefitted from Veterinary advisory services, 2,547 cases were treated and 1,068 diagnostic test services were provided to farmers.
  • ATIC sold 4565 number of priced publications and distributed 5000 number of publications and 25 CDs of cost to the farmers.
  • Altogether, 2,583 farmers were benefitted from various technological services by ATIC.
  • IT infrastructure has been strengthened through OFC cabling and wi-fi system in faculties.
  • IVR system has been launched.

To see more: https://www.bauranchi.org/achievements/

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