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ICAR-DFR, Pune celebrated World Intellectual Property Day-2023 by organizing an interaction on WIPO theme “Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity” in the Conference Room of ICAR-DFR, Pune on April 26, 2023 at 11.00 am. Dr Roshni Samarth, Senior Scientist, ICAR-NRC Grapes, Pune delivered an invited talk on “IPRs in Horticulture Crops”. Dr Samarth explained about different types of IPRs used in horticultural crops and role of PPVFRA in protecting farmer’s varieties. She also shared her experience of working with farmers during registration process of farmer’s varieties with PPVFRA, New Delhi. Dr K V Prasad, Director ICAR-DFR, Pune and Chief Guest of programme reiterated the importance of IPRs in floricultural crops. He has shared his rich experience of working with PPVFRA, New Delhi and international organizations in terms of plant variety protection. He emphasized the need to bring more awareness on IPRs among farmers, students and academicians. All the scientific and technical staff actively participated in the question and answer session to seek clarity on a number of issues related to IPR. A total of 28 participants including staff of Regional Station, Kadiam participated in the programme. The programme was coordinated by Dr Ganesh B Kadam, Senior Scientist, & PI-NAIF-ITMU, ICAR-DFR, Pune, Dr Naveen Kumar, PS ICAR-DFR, Pune, Dr Narendra Gajbhiye, PS, ICAR-DFR, Pune, Dr Shiva Kumar, Scientist, ICAR-DFR, Pune and Dr Sanjay Kad, Scientist, ICAR-DFR, Pune. The programme concluded with formal vote of thanks by Dr Sanjay Kad.

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