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About the Course
Food processing enhances shelf life and adds value even if the agricultural produce is merely cleaned, sorted and packaged. Further processing into high value-added product is even more advantageous. Value addition enables remunerative prices to farmers. Enhanced shelf life leads to reduction in wastages. Food processing is moreover employment intensive and creates 1.8 jobs directly and 6.4 indirectly across the supply chain for every Rs. 1 million invested. It provides convenience & safe food to consumers and promotes diversification and commercialization of agriculture by providing effective linkage between consumers and farmers. This sector does not often use the best technology, machinery, and management practices. Institutions under ICAR, and Universities are frequently visited by farmers for their entrepreneurship requirements and skill development. But these linkage with farmers & industry is undeveloped, resulting in lack of skill and technical knowledge being provided to the end user. The course has been designed for technical staff of ICAR institutes/ NARS system to upgrade the skills in the area of food processing, packaging and value-added technologies.

Objective of the Training
To impart knowledge on the different unit operations involved in food processing.
To demonstrate the participants with technologies for value addition of agricultural and
livestock produce.

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