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A two-days (12-13th March 2024) training program on “Livestock Disease Management in Hilly Areas” was organized by ICAR-IVRI, Mukteswar campus in collaboration with the State Animal Husbandry Department, Uttarakhand under the ‘State Livestock Mission’ scheme of the government. A total of 20 beneficiaries (livestock owners and entrepreneurs) from different blocks of the Nainital district participated in the training program. The program was coordinated by Dr Siddharth Gautam, Dr Amol Gurav and Dr Nitish Singh Kharayat.

The training program was inauguration in the forenoon of 12th March 2024 in the presence of Dr B. Mondal (Joint-Director, IVRI, Mukteshwar), Dr P.S. Hyanki, (Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer, Nainital, State Animal Husbandry Dept, Uttarakhand), and Dr Chitra Joshi (Veterinary Officer, Bhiyalgaon, Nainital). The training included a series of lectures and demonstrations on the management of livestock diseases in the hilly areas viz. Diagnosis and prevention of Lumpy Skin Disease and PPR, Importance of Vaccination and Deworming in livestock, Prevention of major livestock parasitic diseases, Major bacterial diseases of livestock, Prevention and control of FMD, Role of Agroforestry in enhancing the fodder in hilly areas, Management of newborn kids, and Management of reproductive disorders in livestock. The participants were demonstrated the oral drenching of drugs and taking body temperature in livestock. Farm visit to the Experimental Cattle Herd and Experimental Goat Farm, Surmane was also conducted.

The expert lectures on different topics were taken by the scientists of IVRI, Mukteshwar including Dr Amit Kumar, Dr Karam Chand, Dr Amir Kumar Samal, Dr Nitish Singh Kharayat, Dr Deepika Bisht, Dr Nidhi Sharma, Dr Ashutosh Fular, Dr Madhusoodan A.P. and Dr Siddharth Gautam. Dr Chitra Joshi, Veterinary Officer, Bhiyalgaon, Nainital, briefed the different schemes running under the State Livestock Mission.

The valedictory function of the training programmed was held on 13th March 2024. Dr Siddharth Gautam summarized the day-to-day activities of the training program. Dr. B. Mondal, the patrons of the training program, congratulated the team and the participants for a successful conduction of the training program. The feedback was taken from the participants to improve the quality of the future trainings. The vote of thanks was given by Dr Siddharth Gautam (Coordinator).

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