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Project Duration: Date of Start: 01st June, 2019 Likely Date of Completion: 30th May, 2023

Among several dietary components, antioxidants have a special place being major players in the battle for survivability, maintenance, health, productive and reproductive performance of animals. This is largely because of the detrimental effects of free radicals and toxic products of their metabolism on various metabolic processes. Free radicals are atoms, molecules or any compounds containing one or more unpaired electrons. Most biologically-relevant free radicals are derived from oxygen and nitrogen. Both these elements are important for animal life, but in some circumstances they can be converted (deliberately or by chance) into free radical molecules which are highly unstable, very reactive and are capable of damaging molecules such as DNA, proteins, lipids or carbohydrates.


To study the possible interactions between antioxidants in different poultry species.
To establish optimal combinations of antioxidants for growth, immune response, meat quality and allied traits in different poultry species.

Expected Output:

Development of balance and cost effective feed formulae for maximum growth and health status of chicken/turkey.

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