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Enhancement of Productivity of Diversified Avian Species

  1. Developed improved Japanese quail varieties viz., CARI-Uttam meat type (BW 240g at 5 wk); CARI- Pearl layer (295 eggs/annum) and disseminated all over the country
  2. In order to address Wild Life (P) Act-related issues, alternate plumage color quail varieties, viz. White-breasted CARI-Ujjawal, brown feather white-breasted CARI-Sunehari, and all-white plumage CARI-Sweta have been developed.
  3. Developed and supplied an improved variety of turkey viz. CARI-Virat with 16 wk BW of approx. 5 kg (male) and 3.3 kg (female).
  4. Three improved varieties of Guinea fowl, viz., Kadambari, Chitambari & Swetambari with about 1kg BW at 12 wk) developed and propagated in rural areas.
  5. Developed, field tested, and propagated low input, improved indigenous chicken varieties, viz., CARI-Nirbhik, CARI-Shyama, CARI UPCARI, and CARI HITCARI for promoting rural poultry production.
  6. Naked neck and frizzle genes introgressed to develop broiler stock viz. CARI-Tropicana to withstand the harsh tropical climate.
  7. Introduced Ankleshwar and Nicobari breeds of native chicken and VANRAJA parents at CARI.
  8. Four breeds of ducks viz, Khaki Campbell, White Pekin, desi, and indigenous Moti are being propagated in coastal areas from CARI, RC, and Bhubaneswar; nutritional packages developed, and AI techniques are under standardization.
  9. Dual purpose colored chicken variety, viz., CARI-Debendra having excellent performance and is in great demand in rural areas was popularized.
  10. A new diversified poultry species, Emu has been recently introduced at the Institute.
  11. Chicken layer strain cross – CARI Priya- topped the 31st RSPPT (Bangalore) with 300 eggs/annum, 57.4g egg wt. at 40 wk age. (AICRP Component)
  12. Broiler cross CARIBRO-Vishal (1.7kg at 6 wk) topped the 30th RSPPT (Gurgaon) in 2009. (AICRP Component).
  13. Multicolored commercial broiler stock viz. CARIBOO DHANARAJA was developed and popularized along with other high-yielding chicken germplasms developed at the institute.

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