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In a collaborative effort between the Farmer and Scientist Community (FASC) in Amritsar and the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Amritsar, a pivotal interaction unfolded at village Khiala Kalan, focusing on the intricacies of vegetable cultivation. Over 50 farmers converged to engage with experts, delving into the challenges and solutions surrounding vegetable crops.

Dr Narinderpal Singh, Director of Extension Services (SM), underscored the dual significance of vegetable cultivation as sustenance through kitchen gardening and a lucrative commercial venture. Stressing the role of vegetables in diversifying crops and bolstering farm income, he highlighted their pivotal contribution to daily earnings for farmers.

Sharing invaluable insights, Dr Gurmeet Singh from FASC, Amritsar, elucidated the effective management of insect pests plaguing vegetable crops, advocating for using neem-based insecticides in kitchen gardens. He conducted method demonstrations on producing homemade neem extracts, catering to the audience’s eagerness for practical solutions. Additionally, the discussion addressed losses inflicted by rats and rodents, with techniques shared for preparing food and poison baits for their effective management.

The event culminated with Harpratap Singh, a forward-thinking farmer, expressing gratitude for the expert panel’s enriching expertise.

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