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29.04.2024. A workshop was conducted among farmers of Cherkur village on castor cultivation and hybrid seed production. Dr. J. Jawahar Lal & Dr. Manimugan delivered a lecture on “Hybrid seed production in castor and cultivation of castor hybrids, Sesame & Safflower varieties”.

Characteristics of important varieties, hybrids of castor, ICH-5 & ICH-66 which are highly suitable for various environmental conditions were explained among farmers. Seed availability and cost details were shared with farmers. The newly developed sesame variety Tilhan Tec IIOS-1101 and safflower variety, ISF-764 were discussed and highlighted the advantages of newly developed varieties. Sowing of parental line, season, isolation distance, roguing, intercultural operation, insect pest and disease management, harvesting methods, drying, packing and treating were discussed in the workshop. Procedure and benefits of participatory castor hybrid seed production was explained to farmers. The scientist team from ICAR-IIOR, clarified the doubts of farmers and encouraged them to participate in castor hybrids seed production. The workshop ended with vote of thanks delivered by Dr.

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