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The ICAR- Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad organized Sesame Field Day /Agri-Drone demonstrations and Training under TSP 2023-24 in Bavapur village, Khanapur Mandal, Nirmal District on 22/03/2024 for the benefit of tribal farmers.

Bavapur village is a tribal hamlet located in interior forest foot hills of Nirmal distrct. During the field day the team of IIOR scientists, visited the fields of Sri Lavudiya Parmesh where in sesame crop (JCS-1020) was planted after harvest of cotton in podu forest soils during 2nd Fortnight of January 2024. The crop was in flowering stage and the crop expression was found very good.

After the field visit, interaction meeting and Training with farmers was organized. The resource persons from ICAR-IIOR, State Agricultural department and NGO representatives highlighted and discussed the importance of objectives Tribal -Subplan, importance of crop diversification, importance of sesame as an oilseed crop and its role in human health and nutrition; importance of choosing the right cultivar, importance line sowing and maintaining optimum plant population in sesame, other best management practices viz., critical stages for irrigation; need for soil testing, use of rapid soil analysis kits; Importance microbial bio pesticides need for maintaining natural predators in forest ecosystem; need for formation into tribal FPOs for harnessing several benefits. Further the advantages and importance Agri-drones as a tool for reducing drudgery and economizing spraying was discussed. The importance of conservation of water as a part of World Water Day was highlighted. The farmers expressed the problems and challenges of maintaining soil productivity and difficulty in managing pests and diseases.

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