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It is notified for all concerned that the communication No. QSD/1-5/DR Director of Research of the University, vide his office 5/DR-CSKHPKV(Acctts)/21/-9136 dated 09/02/22, has been pleased to approve rates for sale of Green Tea Leaf (GTL) of the Department of Tea Husbandry & Technology, CSK

HPKV, Palampur as under:
1. If GTL is supplied to ‘Cooperative Tea Factories’: As per the rates fixed by the concerned ‘Cooperative
Tea Factory’ from time-to-time. .The surplus certified organic green tea leaf (GTL) of the department will be available for supply/sale
2. If GTL is supplied to ‘private parties’: Flat rates will apply as below with the following Terms &

Season/Period of the Year

Rate per Kg (Rs)

Plucked leaf supply

To be plucked by the party of its own

March/April – June



July – October/November



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