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The Department of Vegetable Science, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), organized an online webinar on “Protected Cultivation of Vegetable Crops” under the guidance of Dr Tarsem Singh Dhillon, Head, Department of Vegetable Science. As many as 52 farmers and students of various departments participated in the webinar.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Dhillon highlighted the scope and importance of protected cultivation of vegetables. He also stressed upon the benefits of vegetable cultivation in today’s era due to nutritional security and high income per crop per unit area. In addition, he shared the success stories of progressive farmers.

Dr Salesh Kumar Jindal, Principal Vegetable Breeder, explained the cultivation practices of tomato and capsicum under protected structures. He also shared the precautionary measures required in the protected cultivation of vegetables.

Dr Nilesh Biwalkar, Professor, Soil and Water Engineering, dwelt upon the structures of poly house, net house, poly net house and low tunnel. He also threw light on the material and initial requirements for protected structures.

Dr Rajinder Kumar Dhall, Principal Olericulturist, explained cultivation practices like climate, soil requirements, sowing time, varieties, hybrids, seed rate, spacing, manures, fertilizers and harvesting practices of cucumber under protected structures.

Dr Harpal Singh Bhullar, Entomologist, delved upon insect-pests and diseases as well as control methods under protected structures so that maximum returns may be obtained from different vegetables.

Dr Dilpreet Talwar, Extension Scientist (Vegetable), apprised the trainees of low tunnel technology of vegetables. Later, he proposed t a vote of thanks and answered the questions of farmers pertaining to vegetable cultivation.

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