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The Farm Advisory Service Centre (FASC), Tarn Taran, organized a field day on Water Saving Techniques on September 28, 2023, at Jamarai village in Tarn Taran district aimed at raising awareness among local farmers about the imperative need to conserve water for sustainable agriculture, ensuring the prosperity of future generations. The programme also aimed to endorse and disseminate water-saving technologies supported by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Over 200 enthusiastic farmers participated in this educational initiative, demonstrating their commitment to responsible agriculture and water resource management.

Dr Parvinder Singh, In charge of FASC, Tarn Taran, extended a warm welcome to the attending farmers. He elaborated on the vital role FASC plays in the community by guiding farmers to embrace diverse cropping systems, thereby reducing dependency on the conventional rice-wheat pattern prevalent in the district. Dr Singh encouraged farmers to consider venturing into vegetable production, which promises higher income prospects.

Agronomist Dr Jatinder Manan emphasized saving paddy seeds for the upcoming season. He also advocated diversifying crops by incorporating gobhi sarson, toria, and various pulse crops alongside wheat in the current rabi season. Dr Manan shared valuable insights on effective gulli danda control methods.

Dr Parminder Singh Sandhu, Extension Scientist (Agronomy), underscored the future benefits of water-saving techniques in agriculture. He urged farmers to adopt practices such as mulching, Tar Wattar direct-seeded rice, avoiding stagnant water in paddy fields, and employing laser levelling to optimize water usage.

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