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Popular MP of Mathura district and famous nurse of the country Central Goat Research Center will be the star Smt. Hema Manali Brand ambassador of the organization Running at Central Goat Research Institute, Makhdoom 07 100th day of National Scientific Goat Farming Training Closing Program on 04.06.2023 Chief Guest  Member of Parliament Mrs. Hema Manali and Mr. Navnishtha Anantha A,K. Tiwari, Executive Director & Refinery Head Completed in the presence of Garamay. This training program was inaugurated by Hon’ble Governor Mrs. Posted by Aandibeb patel on 29.05.2023. Institute Director Dr.Mish Kumar Chetley on stage All the dignitaries including the chief guest and special guests Guests were welcomed with bouquets and mementos 43 years of glorious history of Gaya and the institution and various. The achievements were explained in detail and Chief Guest Hon’ble MP Hema Manali from March requested that women empowerment and For goat rearing is a better means of economic progress and Due to greater participation of women, it is certain that Goat rearing is a means of better employment in the field of animal husbandry, for this Honorable Member of Parliament Hema Manali By becoming the brand ambassador, Vivid energy in the field of goat rearing in the far flung states of the entire country .There will be communication.

Dr.Mish Kumar Kumar became the brand ambassador of the institute Human MP to Chetley, Director’s written request Madam accepted. Institute Director Interlocking with road from main gate to Farah town road construction was requested so that during the rainy season to be saved from the breakdown of the road, on which the human MP madam handed over to her representative Mr. Jadayee Maya that they take action on this matter on priority.Institute Director, Dr. Mrish Kumar Chetley’s tenure by chief guest Hema Manali on stage Praising the achievements of the Institute, I said that I feel a sense of pride that Women Empowerment in the direction of doubling the income of the farmers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working to promote, i totally agree with this.

Yes goat for economic advancement in women empowerment shift is a strong source of employment and more and more participation of women farmers must be ensured in this is necessary. I assure you that through your organization those who take Bhagirathi efforts towards women empowerment are there, will strengthen it. your every possible cooperation will give you chief guest of the program Hon’ble Member of Parliament By Mr. A.K. Tiwari, Research Director and Refinery Head requested that the Central Goat Research Sign M.O. with the institute and advanced goat rearing get the model village established. Navnishtha Anantnath Shri A.K. Tiwari, Deputy Director and Refinery Head through their research work to be done by the institute in speech and of the glorious history of the institution and assured that he would soon become a model of goat rearing. In the direction of establishing the village and every possible help of the institution Will work to do. In this seven-day training program, participants from 14 states of the country 121 farmers and goat readers received training in which a large Women also participated in numbers, not only India but a woman the trainee came to the institute from the California office of the Google company. After getting training, he aimed at goat rearing. monthly chief guest On successful completion of the training by the Member of Parliament, all the trainees was given the training certificate and after site visit he tree plantation was also done by Institute Dr. A.K. Dinakshit, Principal Scientist, Extension Education and 100th National Scientist from March in charge of Social Economics Section Gave detailed information about goat rearing training program.

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