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World Goat Day was celebrated by the Central Goat Research Institute, Makhdu on 21st August, 2023 at the institute. Dr. Habibar Rahman, Regional Representative, South Asia International Poultry Research Institute and Former Deputy Director General, (Poultry Science), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, Chief Guest of the event, in the inaugural session of the event, presented a short presentation on World Goat Day in India. Educated about the role and importance of goat rearing for livelihood and nutrition protection in the livelihood of farmers and landless laborer’s. He called upon the scientists to focus on research work in the direction of making new vaccines to reduce the economic loss due to diseases, he emphasized on promoting women empowerment through goat rearing. On this occasion, the director of the institute Dr. Manish Kumar Chetley appraised all the people present in the gathering about the research work and extension activities being carried out by the institute. The program was coordinated by Dr. Ashok Kumar, Head of the Veterinary Health Department.

On this occasion, the 103rd National Scientific Goat Farming Demonstration Program was also inaugurated by Dr. Habibar Rahman, Chief Guest, 65 exhibitors from 11 states participated in this demonstration and Progressive goat farmers from different parts of the country shared their success stories with the exhibitors present at the event. The progressive goat herders were felicitated by the chief guest of the programme, as well as necessary materials were provided to 50 farmers and goat herders of Mathura district under the Scheduled Tribes Development Project. Dr. Anupam Krishna Deekshi, Principal Scientist and Dr. Arvind Kumar, Principal Scientist were present on the occasion.

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