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The Registrar’s Office at Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana took a proactive step towards enhancing work efficiency by soliciting valuable feedback from its diverse staff members. The participants included Assistant Registrars, Superintendents, Senior Assistants, Clerks, Steno Typists, Restorers, and Messengers from various branches. The primary goals were to motivate the team, identify exemplary performers, and address office-related concerns. The feedback, obtained through both written and verbal communication, highlighted critical areas for improvement.

One significant suggestion was the implementation of an efficient online system to handle key processes such as admissions, transcripts, PDCs, migration certificates, pay slips, recruitment applications, and result/grade sheet management. Additionally, staff members emphasized the need to upgrade hardware infrastructure, including computers, printers, and scanners, to the latest versions to enhance overall work efficiency.

Creating a dedicated online portal for displaying important circulars and clarifications, with regular updates, was also recommended. Allocating sufficient time for processing cases, especially those received at the last minute, was identified as crucial to alleviate time constraints and pressure. Online declaration of results for all candidates during the recruitment process was suggested to streamline operations.

To optimize office operations and reduce energy consumption, it was proposed to assess and optimize the electricity load, exploring possibilities to integrate provisions for air conditioning. Upgrading the office infrastructure was highlighted as essential for smooth operations and timely service delivery.

In addition to gathering valuable feedback, an anonymous poll was conducted to determine the best employee within the Registrar’s Office. Mr. Lav Kush Dhawan, a Senior Assistant in the Establishment Branch, was unanimously recognized as the standout employee.

The feedback findings and the recognition of Mr. Dhawan were discussed with the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal. Quoting Gerard C. Eakedale’s words viz., “Recognition is the greatest motivator,” Dr Gosal stressed the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the efforts of individuals, encouraging them to strive for excellence. He highlighted the need for accountability, punctuality, and maintaining confidentiality in the Registrar’s office. He also informed about ongoing discussions with the state government to secure infrastructure funds for upgrading office facilities.

During the event, Dr. Manav Indra Singh Gill, Registrar of PAU, welcomed the gathering and elucidated the goals of this initiative. He emphasized that this exercise aimed to establish a two-way interaction with a bottom-up approach, allowing for a deeper understanding of staff challenges. Dr. Gill also acknowledged that this initiative provided a platform to celebrate hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence within the office.

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