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A pivotal meeting chaired by PAU Vice Chancellor Dr Satbir Singh Gosal marked the induction of Shri Rishi Pal Singh IAS as the newly appointed Registrar at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) today. The session aimed to immerse Dr Singh in the university’s multifaceted landscape, offering insights into its academic, research, and extension endeavors.

In-depth presentations during the meeting by officers vis a vis Dr PK Chhuneja, Dean of Post Graduate Studies, delved into the university’s academic programmes, Dr Ajmer Singh Dhatt, Director of Research, shed light on PAU’s research orientation, emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing agricultural knowledge and innovation followed by Dr Gurmeet Singh Buttar, Director of Extension Education, who underscored the university’s outreach efforts and the impact of extension services on local communities.

Dr Gosal reiterated the meeting’s purpose towards furnishing the new Registrar with a comprehensive understanding of his role within PAU and aligning his vision with the institution’s objectives. He said that the session is an introduction to PAU’s organizational structure and function and an overview of the great institution’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and empowering the farming community under his stewardship.

Engaging discussions involving deans of constituent colleges and university officers provided a comprehensive overview of PAU’s research, extension, and academic landscapes. These discussions delineated both challenges and prospective areas of focus.

Dr Rishi Pal Singh expressed enthusiasm and acknowledged PAU’s national significance in pioneering progressive and sustainable agricultural practices. He expressed eagerness to embrace the role of a facilitator as the university’s Registrar, further propelling its impactful contributions to the agricultural realm on a national scale.

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